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Heller Immigration Law Group

For over 30 years, Heller Immigration Law Group has assisted HR/corporate businesses, venture-backed companies, and talented individuals with their academic, family or employment-based immigration law needs, including expeditiously processing ‘fast track’ PERM labor certifications.

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Paul M. Heller, Esq.

Founder & Principal


Paul M. Heller, Principal & Founder at Heller Immigration Law Group, is an acclaimed Immigration Attorney currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Well-known and highly respected by Fellow Immigration Attorneys, Silicon Valley Executives, the Venture Capital Community, and Human Resource Managers, Mr. Heller has maintained long-standing relationships with many high-level USCIS, State Department, and U.S. Department of Labor Officials. Mr. Heller advises and consults the DSO's at both Stanford University and UC Berkley, and enjoys handling the many Young Entrepreneurs, Post-doc Researchers and Visiting Scholar Referrals.

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